Everyone lives in a society dependent on technology at work, home, and school, but students are not able to access this technology on a continuous basis.

Computers are significant to education because they make us reconsider how students learn, how they are inspired, and what useful information is. Classroom with computers have become an important part of the curriculum and need to be used daily. Phasing out computer labs and putting computers right in the classroom helps with daily use, helps with future preparation, and benefits learning in students and teachers.Computer Labs Computer labs are found in many schools, a room with around 20 computers used by each person in the school. Daily use of computers is not available when computers are held in a lab. A computer lab may be the only way to watch over a group of students at one time but the use of a computer lab is hard to come by when you need it. Labs are used by managing a schedule. The schedule consist of times and days when computer labs are used by certain classrooms.

Schedules are often hassles because who maintains the schedule is a problem or question that has to be asked (“Computer Lab vs. Classroom Computers “).

The limited access to computer labs effects activities teachers can have the students due and it affects students doing a project for class. Frequently, when students are researching topics, libraries at the schools do not offer the books and magazines that are needed. The Internet resolves this problem. A limited amount of time in a computer lab does not give students the chance to do research.Sometimes if you have many classes scheduled for that day you may have to end earlier so you can set up for the next class. Not all classes are learning the same curriculum or on the same level of computer knowledge, and having to take time out of one class takes away from the students. Also there is the maintenance of the lab, who is it left too? Is it left to teachers, students, faculty, or a specialized computer teacher? Many believe that if something breaks in a lab that “It is not my problem so I don’t have to fix it” (“Computer Lab vs.

Classroom Computers “, n. d. , table 1).Yes it might be easier to manage a room full of computers rather than have them spread out over the school but with the computers in a classroom they become the responsibility of the students and teachers. For the class to have future use of these computers in the classroom the problem will have to be fixed and dealt with immediately. Career Preparation Many of the job opportunities that are out in the world today consist of some computer use.

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